Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not Doing It.

There is a writers critique at the library tomorrow and I have decided not to go. Why? Well, I was on time last month, but almost the last to arrive so I had to wait two hours to read my sample. Okay, I understand, everyone deserves a chance to speak. I get it, but to balloon on for thirty plus minutes! The overwhelming arrogance took me by surprise. The whole time I was there I was thinking, gee, I hope I'm not like these people. I felt like they looked at me and passed judgement before I even spoke. However, trying to be positive I pushed the thought aside. After I finally got a chance to read the reaction was silence. I took it as an insult. The group leader sent an email recently asking people to be nice to the newbies. I am with her on that! Then some guy shows during the last ten minutes and reads a poem about people making love on a hill and getting tangled in their pubic hair. Cut me a break! I guess his work was so superior he need not bother listening to others. I was hoping for so much more out of that group and the leader seems really nice and full of good suggestions. Oh well, hopefully more people will read my free items and give me some feedback.

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