Saturday, July 23, 2011

Short Story Published

I decided to post one of my first works for free on smashwords. It's called Charlie's Haunting. So far 21 downloads and one linked to library. I wasn't sure what linked to library meant so I, of course, googled it. Apparently, someone liked my story enough to keep it in their library.

Ah...You know you are getting old when the technology gets harder to keep up with. But hey - it's all great stuff...Working in the field of IT - it's imperative to keep up!

I hope everyone who read the story enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the reviews, but none so far. I would really appreciate some reviews. Good or all helps.

I admit the story is a little strange and you have to like Metallica and the Rolling Stones to get the songs I quote in the book. The songs are important - they have meaning.

Anyway, here is the link to my book Exterium:

and Charlies Haunting:

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