Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How Annoying

The beautiful thing about my job is not only that I'm good at it, but I also get all kinds of magazines. Funny how I pull publishers' data together to create reports, but no one will publish me. Ah....the irony...At least they like my reports, even if they don't know me, the person behind them!

Anyway, I picked out Writers Digest and was sorely disappointed...again. Their advice is obvious and redundant. Then they have pages of agents/publishers. Some of the recommendations are of entities I have found on writers beware. Yikes! Do they do any research or are they simply in churning out enough pages to qualify as a sellable magazine?

Something else I noticed is the agents they recommend are no longer employed at the agencies they are listed as representing. I don’t know, maybe they are dead? Maybe there is a big revolving door at these places? It all seems very unstable to me.

I have read so much advice of querying and book writing that it’s near pathetic on my part to keep on doing it. Okay, I’m not saying my work is worthy of publication, although Exterium is doing very well on That’s beside the point. Am I a little bitter? Yeah, but at least I’m realistic and hold a full time job that not only pays well, but is also enjoyable.

This is some of the conflicting advice I have read:

1.      Add a lot of supporting detail to paint the scene.
2.      Limit detail to the bare minimum, allowing the reader to paint their own picture.
3.      Don’t start a book with dialog, it seems like an attempt to jump right into action and misses a proper beginning.
4.      Enough with the detail. Get straight to the action, otherwise you bore the reader.

Wow, which is it? Oh I think I’ve got it. We pathetic unpublished writers (we cannot call ourselves authors), are so desperate the find the answer to what’s missing in our novels that we waste our time, sometimes money, to find the answers.

Well, I have to admit I have also read there are no set rules. This is so true. How many of us have read “best sellers” only to be disappointed? For example, Hunger Games was the worst piece of crap I have ever read. Then there is the obscure book with little sales on Amazon, and even fewer rating that are awesome. For example, Battle Royale.

I have read a lot of struggling writer’s works and some are terrible and others pretty darn good. So what aren’t the good ones published? Well, I think it depends on the taste of the agent/editor. Of course that makes perfect sense. Also, luck…lots and lots of luck. Talent, in my opinion, is a minor point. A lot of people can write well…and well is enough.

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