Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I noticed some typos in my blog posts...good thing I'm the only one who reads them.


  1. Hey Mary . I check your blog every now and then for updates. If you want more readers you should put the link at the bottom of all your books, along with info about your other books. Our books seem to get most readers from barnes and noble, who don't see our smashwords profile. I put a Facebook profile on the end of two books and it had a lot of activity. Hey how are handling B and N feedback? My book a family affair is being torn to shreds by haters on that site. The nook readers seem particularly tough to me. Its quite hard to deal with. Marilyn

    1. Wow, now is when I read this. I am so sorry I am so late to reply. So I should put blog link at end of book? Info about other books at end too? What kind of facebook profile? For the book or just you with info about your books? I have been keeping an eye on your book, it has received a lot of reviews, and yeah some ugly ones, but you need to have a tough skin. I got ugly ones for my novella and what irks me is that the one said it is 192 pages, which is a lie. Anyway, I think your book is doing very well overall. It ranks very high. Have you tried amazon? I am trying their select program where prime members can borrow the book for free, but the author still gets paid. Nice to hear from you...btw...watched the Olympics and was wowed by Pearson!

  2. At the end of all my books I've been putting an email address, Facebook profile and sales pitch for every other book. It seems to be working. Sales of A Family Affair part 2 are going really well as the first book which is free is still being downloaded a lot, especially from barnes, despite some tough reviews. Yeah, I'm trying to toughen up in the face of negative reviews. It's hard though, but I don't want to stop writing. Thanks for the tip about amazon. After your last email, I listed three books there. I've made about 200 dollars so far I think, which is awesome for me.