Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book Reviews

How I would love any well thought out - constructive book review for any of my stories. It really irks me when people make comments like "Bleh - mostly a waste of time." How is that helpful? And reviews that are just plain BS...Like someone stating Aunt Hellen was a 190 page book. It was only 22K words (or there abouts).

I did some searching on Amazon and discovered there is a group of hate mongers that run around trashing other peoples books, just becuase they think they are competition. That's just plain silly to me because chances are most indie authors are not going to get rich off their books. In fact, only a few traditionally published authors get wealthy.

I'm not looking to become wealthy. Writing keeps me sane and gives me purpose outside of work and family. Some people paint, some people play an instrument...I write.

I challenge anyone critical of my work to produce a detailed, informative review of why. Likewise, if someone likes my book, what was it that made it exciting to read? I'm always looking to improve, which is diffuclt when I am giving useless feedback.

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