Monday, August 27, 2012

Smashwords Only Free Coupon Code for Aunt Hellen:

- Good through September 27th CODE: PD63P
- People either love it or hate it.
- Just remember it's from the POV of a disturbed person.
- Would love honest, helpful reviews.

Calling all critics:

- I just updated Touched By The Devilish One from free to paid.
- Anyone who has an interest in reading it can ask me for a free coupon.
- I would love some feedback.

Kindle Lending:

- Amazon has made this sound so good.
- I beg to differ on that point. After all, if I were a prime member and could read a book for free, I'd  
  be going for the best sellers.
- That said, since I really love Exterium, I enrolled it into the lending program.
- Again, any feedback would be terrific.
- I have received several requests for a sequel and would like to know what others would like to read.

What's Ahead:

- I am working on an erotica novel.
- This is not a subject I typically write about, but I am really enjoying the book.
- I will be publishing around the holidays under a pen name (certainly don't want to mix the kiddie 
  books up with the adult books!)
- Anyone who is interested should drop me a note.

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