Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling Lonely

Okay, I guess this blog is my public way of not venting...maybe just releasing. I have been trolling the different book sites and feel very disappointed. The most popular books revolve around sex, vampires and werewolves. says a lot about our society. I would love to read a few books out there that make me think. For example, Battle Royale. Although gruesome at times it was a very thought provoking book. The problem is obvious. All the good books are hidden amongst the copious amounts of trash books. I have tried reading the most downloaded and was unimpressed. I mean seriously, when grammatical errors take over to the point of being distracting, what's the point? I can only conclude that there are two groups of writers. Those who are practiced and care about what they put out there and then there are those who are looking for a quick buck by selling the above mentioned garbage!

I wish there was a site out there that actually had a panel of aprovers who decide what gets posted, but I guess there is money in numbers. I am sure, even if the indie author only sells a few books, that adds up over time for the sites hosting them.

At any rate I am of the impression that people either hate my writing or love it. Enough people have linked Charlie's Haunting into their libraries to motivate me to write part 2. I have brain stormed part 2 for a while now and plan to write that after I finish my psychological thriller.

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